Lee Yeseung – CAVE into the Cave: A Wild Rumor

So, I was originally going to post this more than a year ago, but it got lost in the draft section. This was originally a piece in the exhibit “Low Technology”

Reconstructing the World


Behold! A precursor to a dystopian world of image over substance. Before the machines can hack directly into our neural pathways, old-school techniques must be used. Projections. Images of nature. A surround sound system to add some feeling of being.


The inversion of the traditional cave allegory is fascinating. Here, the world of lights is in the cave itself, the screen showing us the world inside the projectors. While the faux natural world is dancing on the screen, the physical tech inside is not hidden, but are actors along side. These could be audience surrogates, the cameras and microphones purportedly representing ourselves looking out at the shadows of the real.

Ah, but how would we know!

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