Forward to 2017

Well, 2016 turned out alright for me. I know it was a harsh year for many, but I felt I grew and moved forward a bit.

But I want to do better in 2017. I don’t like rushing into resolutions, so I tend not to do those. Rather, I like to spend the first part of January mulling over what I want and thinking about how to get there.

So here are a few things I thinking about.

  1. Continue to be productive.
    I felt like 2016 was strong because I had fairly strong output. I finished 24 of 99 portraits, I made a drawing a day for two months straight and I was in three shows. Not to mention getting back into oils and doing figure drawing for most weeks of the year.
  2. Figure out an upload schedule.
    I want to update this site more regularly, so I need to figure out how to do that in a way that is useful. Hmmmm.
  3. Promote my work.
    I want to be more active in promoting my work. Figure out how to sell prints efficiently, make it easier for people to know I do commissions of various sorts and just getting my work more visible. Honestly this is my least favorite part of being an artist, but I gotta face it sometime. Might as well be this year.
  4. Be more social.
    Not like a lot more social, because then I won’t have enough time to be productive. But I also don’t want to just let relationships and friendships slide, and that’s easy to do without some thought. So maybe not more social as more socially aware.

Of course there’s more, but this is enough for mulling over now. Hash out specific goals. The ilke.

How do you deal with resolutions? What are you planning for the new year?


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