All These Lines

An Exhibit in 14 Pieces

I’m pleased to introduce my first solo show in Korea, “All These Lines”, at Ham’s Coffee gallery.

The show will be up for the month of December, and if you are so inclined, join me there after lunch for coffee this Saturday, December 17th for a casual art talk!

But if you can’t make it, enjoy them here!

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How to get to Ham’s Coffee

Ham’s Coffee is in Cheongju (청주). You can get there by express bus or by train. It’s not too far from Seoul, so the bus is really cheap (no more than 10,000 won) and will take about an hour and a half.

Once you’re in Cheongju, you go by bus. From the express bus terminal, there are many local buses that will go by there.

The easiest way is to copy this address into the Naver Maps App or Do not use Google maps! It will send you to the wrong place for some reason.

충청북도 청주시 서원구 사직대로 160

Ham’s coffee is inside the Heartrium Building on the first floor.

Support the Artist!

If you would like to purchase the original pieces, they range between 110-210,000 won (approximately $94-$178) depending on complexity or 15,000 won ($13) for a print, plus shipping if you are outside of Korea (sorry!)

Those interested, please send me a message below. Make sure to be specific about which piece you are interested in, and wether you want a print or the original.

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