Intermission Fall 2016

Ho boy, have I dropped the ball with updates!

I had not properly scheduled time for blogging and website development, so it kinda went out the window. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy in the interim! So here’s a run-down of some of the things that occurred in the last two months!



A drawing a day for October. This inktober I drew Imp and Fez cosplaying various cultural and historical events that occured in years ending in 6. I’ll post them all soon enough! ^-^

Lunar Inktober


So when Inktober was ending, I discovered that the last day of October overlapped with the first day of October on the Lunar Calendar still in use for cultural reasons in Korea. So I kept the challenge up, a drawing a day for Lunar October! But this time, I set Imp and Fez aside and decided to practice drawing skulls in a Memento Mori series.

13th Yongsan Art Festival


Not shown here: me

I was working the night of the opening. But I got a piece into this year’s Yongsan Art Festival, so I’m still happy.


Well, there was a limit of one piece per artist, so I decided to put four pieces together as a tetraptych!

Sneaky monkey…

Coming Up…


My first solo show in Korea! Woot! It will be at a cafe gallery in Cheongju called “Ham’s Coffee” (햄’s Coffee). But more on that soon!


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