The Harbinger Between Worlds and the Green Mountains

“You, my friend, you are not destined to be content in your stream. You are the harbinger between worlds. You are the one who travels and is traveled. You see and are seen. You are the messenger and the message.”

I returned to my 2013 Green Mountain series. This one was long due, but the departure of a good friend spurred me to get the piece finished.

Inside the frame is a night view of central Seoul. The city never sleeps and never slows down. Outside the frame is a stream in the forested mountains of the Eastern US. Such places the peace comes dropping slow, and all is green and growing.

Two principle figures appear in the painting. The first, a magpie, is a harbinger of good news. Winged, it can transverse lands far and wide. The second figure is a turtle, a symbol of stability and longevity.

Which do you reverberate with at this point in your life?

Let’s live, let us live,

Let us live in the green mountain!

Let us eat wild berries and herbs

And live in the green mountain!

Yalli yalli yallaseong yallari yalla!

-Song of the Green Mountain

Keep arting my friends!

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