June 18 Life Drawing: Marionnette 

I don’t usually go to the Saturday sessions at Jankura Artspace, but I decided that this special session was worth a visit!

The session’s theme was ‘Marionette’. The model wore a corset, and wore make up all over to look more puppet like. Rope was hung from the ceiling, engulfing the model in bizarre and twisted ways.

Saturday sessions at Jankura Artspace use shorter, more frequent poses than the Friday night sessions.

The last two twenty minute poses, I decided to try a comic book style compilation.

Pinocchia found herself bound again. How many times had she broken free only to return to captivity. But as she raised her head, Geppetta was nowhere to be seen. Instead she found herself surrounded by strangers with sketchbooks, drawing furiously. What a cruel fate, to be wished to life, only to be treated as what one was before. Just a thing.

Keep arting my friends.

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