An Artist’s Panoply. 

Friday night life drawing is upon us, but being short on male models, Mike, the owner of Jankura Art Space, strikes a pose himself with some painting tools and an easel. We started with six two-minute poses to warm up and select from for the long pose. My weapon of choice is the ball point pen. Those cheap ones you can pick up for 300won. 

 I petsonally wanted one of the first two sitting poses. I thought the shadows were more interesting.   

But the group wanted number 5, a standing pose. Can’t get everything we want! 

The long pose is done in four twenty-minute poses. I’ve been working with ball point pens, a brush pen and added highlights with a conté pencil. 

 The artist arms himself with brush and palette, much like a Greek hoplite bears his spear and hoplon!

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