Shin Seonghwan – Ever-Changing

Ever-Changing – Winter Becoming Spring



After descending Discovery, you come across a study. A desk with a computer, a bookshelf, a chair, a potted tree and other various objects. It starts off uncomfortable though. The whole scene is painted white – no variation. This tabula rasa is the setting for Ever-Changing.

Wait a little and soon the study changes. You hear an amplified water drop and color is projected.

Ever-Changing – The Rainstorm



Soon the antiseptic room becomes a cozy setting for watching the rain. As the rain intensifies, it starts filling the whole scene and the seasons change. Greens of summer change to oranges and reds – and soon the whole study becomes white again with falling snow.

This has an odd effect. The scene itself stays exactly the same, yet the changing conditions change the perspective of what is happening. Perhaps the ‘core’ of our being remains the same while the outward appearance is mere projection and influence from the outside.

Ever-Changing – Autumn and Death

Ever-Changing is simple, yet fun. Since it follows the seasons, the metaphors for life, death and renewal are easy to grasp, and the sound adds some welcoming atmosphere.


Title: Ever-Changing
Artist: Shin Seonghwan
Medium: Object, Projection
Exhibit: Low Technology: Back to the Future
Where: SeMA (Seoul Museum of Art)
When: December 9th – February 1st

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