Fried Food – Yoyomi style!

Want the guilt of eating fried street food with the convenience of an actual restaurant? As an added bonus lets say this mystical dream eatery only used fresh ingredients and doesn’t reuse their cooking oil the next day. Well, if you’re willing to make it out to Eunpyeong-gu (은평구) in the north-west part of Seoul, then one such place does exist! But make sure you get there early enough! Once they’ve used up their veggies for the day they won’t be prepping any more. Welcome to Yoyomi!

The staff are all pretty cool. Just waving and laughing at the fact we got there too late.

Unfortunately that’s exactly what happened the first time our intrepid gang tried for this joint. Evidently by five in the afternoon they’re usually cleaning up shop, so we had to settle for the samgyeopsal restaurant across the alley.

Undaunted, we decided to return, and we’re glad we did!

Of course if you can’t read Korean…

Yoyomi opens around noon, and technically close around 10pm, but they’ll close shop once they’re sold out for the day, so no promises. On the plus side, there is a wide variety of fried food here, but if you get the Modum Set (pronounced Mo’ Doom), literally the everything set, or more doom if you’re eating alone, you’ll get the works. That’s what we got, plus some beer!

Modum Set with Deokbokki and Beer!
Modum Set with Deokbokki and Beer!

The Modum set includes 4 fried shrimp, 2 fried kim rolls, 2 fried cuttlefish, 2 fried sweet potato slices, 2 fried chopped veggies, and 4 fried potatoes (read wedge fries). The deokbokki is soupy and not spectacular, but it does the job. It’s quite delicious to dip your fried foods in the spicy soup. Wash it down with some cold draft beer and it’s perfect.

The fried kim roll (kimmari – 김말이) was quite artistic!

Some of the items were both fun to eat AND look at. Though, not in that order. Above is the kimmari or fried kim roll. It’s actually glass noodles rolled up in dried seaweed, with the noodles all dangling out one end when they dipped and fried the sucker! It was one of my favorites.

Fried Shrimp – eat the whole thing!

The shrimp is fried whole. I love seeing the little shrimp legs all splayed out. It reminds me of ancient art depicting the legendary three legged bird.

See the similarity?
Noodles? Nope! Cuttlefish legs!

Cuttlefish legs, though I usually just call ’em squid, is by far my favorite fried food on the mean Korean streets. But I’ve never seen them fried together like this! Again, the artistic merit matches the taste of this fried cephalopod.

Come by Yoyomi with some friends and share/fight over which pieces you’ll eat. You won’t regret it. Unless, of course, you get there too late.

To get there, you can take line 6 to Yeokchon Station and head south from exit 4. If line 3 is more convenient, you could also go to Nokbeon Station and head west from that exit 4. How convenient…

Taken from Google Maps

The address so you can plug it into your own Google or Naver map? Here you go!

Seoul, Eunpyeong-gu, Eungam-dong 87-36

요요미 김튀석즉
서울시 은평구 응암동 87-36

Nyam nyam nyam

You can visit them at though it is all in Korean. Have fun!


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