Intermission – Back in Korea

Well, somehow I have found my way back to the land of the morning calm, just in time for the beginning of summer! Before continuing the Augie Art Tour, it seemed appropriate to visit the local Namsan. Jihye and I went for a leisurely stroll around the park, but not before coming across…



Taekwon V!

Which, for those not in the know, is a Korean giant fighting robot. Which can do… taekwondo? I think it’s implied anyway.

Time to pose!

I AM Taekwon V!
Taekwon V POWER!
My Pal, Taekwon V
What are you doing?!?

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so happy considering I’ve never seen the show, nor am I inclined to watch it. But it’s just so much FUN!

Almost as fun as trying on hats!



Whelp, back to work.


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