Augie Art Tour 1b – Our Savior’s Lutheran – God of Grace and God of Glory

After viewing the mural on the South East side of Our Savior’s Lutheran, waltz to the main entrance. Right in the foyer is a triptych greeting all who enter the complex.

IMG_2104God of Grace and God of Glory
Design and execution by
Bob Aldern and Noreen Groethe

Many triptychs will play with the theme of two similar one different. This begins with the shapes, two smaller panels flank the larger central panel. The right two panels show Christ interacting with people directly, the third shows the people sharing the body and blood of Christ in communion. The left two show Christ and the people in community, the right panel is Christ healing the sick. The central panel is Christ as teacher, the surrounding panels Christ in power. This last one is emphasised with the gold halo with the red cross representing his death and suffering, whereas the the others do not have the red cross, but only pure gold.

Bob Aldern was a professor at Augustana from 1980-1991 and was an artist-in-residence, doing commissions for churches in the area. He died in 2011. His subdued sense of color is made with multiple layers on the wood panel, which must been seen in person to appreciate the rich depth achieved.

Next stop:
Our Savior’s Lutheran – Fellowship Hall


God of Grace and God of Glory can be found at:

Our Saviors Lutheran Church
909 W. 33rd Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57105


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