Intermission – A Visit to the Midwest


Back in the Midwest. Minneapolis is a fun place to visit, but I’m not here for Minneapolis. I’ll be spending most of this month in the quiet city of Sioux Falls, the largest city of the Dakotas.

But first, a stop to try on some cowboy hats.
A friend lends me his beast of a pickup, a diesel Dodge, as well as his cowboy hat, boots, and a hunting knife. Now I’ll blend in with the locals!

The temporary transition from Seoul to Sioux Falls will always play on my perceptions. I love both cities, but they are so different. Seoul is a bustling metropolis, Sioux Falls is a quiet city in the awkward transition between small town prairie and modern city. Seoul never sleeps, Sioux Falls can be very sleepy if you don’t actively engage. Seoul has many alleys and secrets to dive down and discover history and culture, both ancient and modern. Sioux Falls is home and where I can engage in the most satisfying intellectual conversations.

So, for my next blogging project, I think I’ll give an art tour of my alma mater. My school has a long rich tradition of fine arts, and I think it’s a good time to share that with the world.

And remember…

Work Relentlessly

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