Meet Dokkaebi – 9


A drunk stumbled home late one night and decided to take a shortcut home down a dark path. A dokkaebi jumped out and challenged him to a wrestling match. This dokkaebi only had one leg and the man quickly won, but the dokkaebi jumped up and eagerly insisted on another match. Match after match the drunk easily won, but the dokkaebi continued demanding round after round. The man got bored, so after pinning the dokkaebi, he tied it up to a tree and staggered the rest of the way home.

The next day he came back down the path. When he came to the tree he found, not the dokkaebi, but a broom tied up.



  1. Could it be the dokkaebi pretending to be a broom? Just wondering if they have those kind of powers. Never mind, I’m just thinking like the drunkard. Maybe I had one of those nights myself long ago and still feel the need to justify wrestling with a broom that I thought was a demon.

    • In most stories dokkaebi don’t seem to have shape shifting capabilities, with the exception of Meet Dokkaebi #3, but that story is more about changing lights than shapes. Even so, it has a similar theme to this story.

      Usually dokkaebi are described as the spirits of inanimate objects somehow come to life. Often fire and light is involved in their appearance, and I think, many of the stories actually do involve stumbling home late at night. Reminds me a bit of alien abduction stories sometimes!

      Please read, and “like” the stories if you enjoyed them! 😀

    • A part of the legend of dokaebi is that if light touches them they turn back into the inanimate objects they originally were and die.

      • I haven’t heard that one before, but I wouldn’t be surprised that variation.

        Do you have sources that I could read on for this variation? I’d love to check it out. ^^

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