12.04.19. Tarry

tarry (TAIR-ee)
verb intr.: To delay, stay, or wait.
verb tr.: To wait for. noun: A short stay; a sojourn.
[From Middle English tarien/taryen (to delay). Earliest documented use: 1451.]

tarry (TAHR-ee)
adjective: Of, like, or smeared with tar.
[From tar, from Old English teru. Earliest documented use: 1552.]

Samil Street is in blossom. It is odd; this dirty street, crammed with street vendors, tiny shops, and restaurants, businessmen and the homeless, young men and veterans, is blossoming. The beauty is passing quickly – the blossoms are already falling, littering the street with petals. The green will come soon and that will still be a breath of fresh air to this dingy street. It reminds me that winter is over. Winter is over and finished for another year and the season of growth and living beauty comes even to this narrow, old way.

Sometimes we are like the petals, brief in our stay, brightening the world around us, even as we fall. Sometimes we are as the trees, cycling between sleep and life, within us many springs to come alive and remake our world. We can be, and are, both, for we are perennial and ephemeral, long lasting Methuselahs and mayflies dead before the world blinks. We are the giants in the earth and giants in the lives of our loved ones. Contrariwise we are less than a mote of dust suspended in the vastness of the cosmos. Men, much wiser and much more eloquent than myself have said that we are inhabitants of this ‘middle world’ but we have the creativity and insight to see beyond our little middle glasses to stare into the abyss.

 This world is terrifying and beautiful, indifferent and loving. I would have it no other way.

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